Viper is The Clan’s problem solver. He usually solves problems with a large screwdriver, and somebody usually ends up dead. He is psychopathic and sadistic and he has an unhealthy obsession with his sister Kijara. He enjoys punishing her, when she steps out of line.

Even though everybody involved with The Clan or their clubs knows the rumors of Viper’s murderous tendencies, he usually attracts a lot of young women seeking the prestige of being an escort of a top Clan member. Viper can be quite charming when he wants to and he often acts very courteously towards women (for as long as he wants to keep up the act).

Viper is clever, scheming and manipulative and also very self-centered and arrogant. He spends a lot of time trying to manipulate Kijara to work for the Clan by convincing her that he cares deeply for her and that it's her own fault if she gets treated badly.