Naid is an agent in Darwin's team and also his friend. He used to work as an assistant curator at a museum of European history until PURGE got tipped off that he was an illegal citizen employed on false papers and he was arrested. He was saved from life-long imprisonment by the fact that he has telepathic abilities, which is a very rare and sought after skill in GMI’s (genetically modified individuals). Like Darwin he now resides at the PURGE headquarters.

Naid is highly intelligent (though somewhat socially awkward), and he has the ability to sense the thoughts and feelings of others. He cannot read minds as such, but he is able to pick up on the general direction of a person’s thought stream.

Naid is a vegetarian and he only needs a couple of hours of sleep at night. He is conscientious, pleasant and good-humored.

PURGE assumes that Naid is an illegal immigrant from outside the EU and most likely a product of an illegal genetic design project with an aim to create gmi's with psychic abilities.